How To Choose The Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Best Stainless Steel Water Bottle

If you fill one of our Wombat Bottles with cold water, close the lid and leave it for 24 hours, it will still be cold when you open it.

This is not a technological breakthrough; it's the way Insulated Stainless Steel works.

The reason we don't use this in our marketing material, is because it's misleading. 

The "keeps water cold for 24 hours" message forgets an important point - usage. It does not factor in that to drink from it, you need to open it. When you open it, exposure to outside conditions will affect temperature.

Different usage = different experience.



Usage matters

This may seem obvious, but it's worth thinking about when buying a Stainless Steel Bottle.

Let's take coffee;

  • Most mornings, I fill my Wombat Bottle with hot coffee and take it on a morning walk with my family. The lid stays off for most of the walk and I sip as I go. 
  • My Dad fills his up every morning and takes it to work. When he gets to work, he pours himself a cup and closes the lid until he's ready for another one. 

You already know which one stays warmer for longer.

Same rules apply for cold. Usage matters.


Construction matters

Single Wall Stainless Steel (SS) won't keep water cold for long and it's not great for hot drinks (the outside will be hot to touch).

However, it functions perfectly fine for a water bottle where performance doesn't matter. You can buy Single-Wall SS Bottles cheaply at most major supermarkets and department stores. If you want something similar to a Wombat Bottle, try the Boomerang Bag Bottle, which is the bottle which inspired our Wombat Bamboo Lid.

If you're a heavy user, you should be buying Double-Wall, Insulated Stainless Steel. This is especially true if you want flexibility between hot and cold drinks. 

Some companies improve temperature control further by adding copper insulation, helping to hold temperature longer and reduce condensation around the lid. 


Read Reviews

Always read customer reviews. They're your best source of "social proof". Use other people's experience to help you decide on the best stainless steel water bottle for you.

Look for reviews that mention the features which are most important to you. This could be Temperature Control, Cost, After-Sales Service or Brand Ethics.

Here's what a few of our customers have said about temperature control:

"The insulation actually works (kept in hot car for a couple of hours and water still same/similar temp)." - Nadeane from Blackwall, NSW.

"Quality is excellent and yes they do keep liquids hot for 10 plus hours! Happy customers." - Jenny from Aldgate, SA.

"It's nice and sturdy and holds temperature well. Very happy to have ditched my old plastic bottle for this one" - Dan from Melbourne, VIC.


The Point

Don't get caught up in the marketing fluff. Compare features, read reviews and then buy based on what's important to you.

And remember: How you use your bottle will determine how well it performs.