Compare: Wombat Bottles vs. Oasis Bottles

Ever wondered about the differences between an Oasis Drink Bottle and a Wombat Bottle?
Here are the key differences between the brands.


Build Quality

Oasis Bottles and Wombat Bottles are very similar in how they are built. Both are made in China, using Double Wall, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel. The gauge and type of steel appears to be the same (308 or 18/8) and both are advertised as Food Grade.

Wombat Bottles are Powder Coated, with precision laser engravings. There's no paint used at all on a Wombat Bottle.



Oasis Bottles

Who owns Oasis Bottles? Where do they pay tax and where do their profits go?
We found it really hard to find information on the ownership of Oasis Bottles.

Best we can tell, Oasis Bottles are made in China, then imported and distributed by Donaldson Enterprises. This doesn't mean Donaldson owns the Oasis brand. After plenty of time trying to find the owners, we gave up.

Wombat Bottles

Wombat Bottles is a 100% Australian Owned brand. Wombat operates from the Bayside Community in Melbourne, Victoria.
Any profits generated by Wombat Bottles is subject to Australian Taxes. After tax profits are kept and spent here in Australia.



Wombat Bottles

At time of writing (October, 2020), Wombat Bottles are available online, with only a handful of retail stockist in Metropolitan Melbourne.

Oasis Bottles

It feels like Oasis Bottles are available everywhere, which is great. Being able to buy reusable drink bottles from large department stores and smaller homeware stores gives more customers the chance to reduce their Single-Use Plastic consumption. That's the aim of the game.
We're SUPER jealous of how well Oasis Bottles have supported retails stores.
If you're a retailer wanting to increase your range, this article might interest you.



Wombat Bottles

Wombat offers 2 shapes:

  1. The ZERO Plastic Range is more of a "canteen" shape, with a much wider mouth than the shape of the Active Range. The ZERO Plastic bottle is wider and shorter, with a built-in handle.
  2. The Active Range (Coming Soon) are a "Cola Bottle" shape. This is the same shape as most other brands, with some subtle differences.

Oasis Bottles

Oasis Bottles are the same shape as the Wombat Active Range Bottles. This is the standard "Cola Bottle" shape that most people are used to seeing. Most people will have seen to this shape used by other brands, such as Chilly's (UK) and S'Well (USA).



Wombat Bottles

Wombat Bottles is a young brand, with aggressive plans. At time of writing (October, 2020), the ZERO Plastic bottles are 500ml capacity, available in 3 colours; Matte Black, Army Green and Plain Steel.

Oasis Bottles

Oasis Bottles dominate this category. They've done a great job of expanding the colours and sizes of their bottles and of increasing the range of other products. Other products we've seen include coffee tumblers and bottles for children. We think this is great as it provides more and more choice for customers to reduce their Single-Use Plastic consumption.


Plastic Use

Wombat Bottles

The Wombat ZERO Plastic Bottle is exactly that; Zero Plastic. There is no plastic used anywhere on the bottle. The Leak-Proof Seal is actually a free floating Silicone Ring and is much better for the environment. The rest of the lid is Stainless Steel with a Bamboo Top.

Oasis Bottles

Like most other "Cola Shaped" Stainless Steel Bottles (including the Wombat Active Range), Oasis Bottles use plastic under the lid to help with the seal.



At the time of writing this, there are a lot of promotions on. We think this has a lot to do with Australia starting to come out of the COVID pandemic and retailers needing to boost sales.

So for the purpose of this comparison, we’re basing the prices on the advertised RRP (Recommended Retail Price).

Wombat Bottles

Wombat Bottles offers a single price for the 500ml bottle in all colours. Wombat also provides Free Shipping, with no minimum spend.

Oasis Bottles

Because you can't buy Oasis Bottles directly from Oasis Bottles, you need to purchase from any of the retail stores that stock the bottles. Kitchen Warehouse is the first of those which appears in a Google Search, so we’ll use them for the comparison.


Oasis Drink Bottles Price


This comparison is designed to provide information, not recommendation. We'd obviously love you to invest your hard-earned cash into one of our Wombat Bottles. It's more important, however, that you find the right reusable bottle for you.

Our mission is to help Australians reduce their Single Use Plastic consumption. If after reading this you purchase an Oasis Bottle, we'd consider that a success.



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